Book: The Longest Ride

Originally Published: September 17, 2013

By: Nicholas Sparks 

In this novel from one of the most popular romance writers around, Nicholas Sparks combines two very different storylines to make a gripping story.

When ninety-one-year-old widower Ira Levinson gets into a car crash, he starts having visions of his wife Ruth. To help keep him alive, she makes him remember their past and love. At the same time, college student Sophia Danko falls for bull rider Luke. Sophia and Luke’s lives seem to be at very different places, but their chemistry is instant.

This story is beautiful. Being able to experience the life and love of Ira and Ruth, while watching the burgeoning romance of Sophia and Luke keeps you constantly intrigued. You’re also trying to figure out how these lives will end up intertwining when nothing seems to relate them.

Final say: Both loves will swell your heart. ★★★★☆

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