Music: 24 Hrs

Released: November 11, 2016

By: Olly Murs

On his fifth studio album, Olly Murs continues to shine with his smooth vocals.

As he grows older, Murs is also growing as an artist. He seems to have found the style of pop that suits him From the opening track, “You Don’t Know Love,” he hooks you with sorrowful lyrics hiding in plain sight against the pop beats.

On “Years & Years,” you’ll feel the love that he wants to give, while “Back Around” finds the singer regretting a break-up and his longing for the return of his girlfriend.

While it seems male pop stars are making a comeback in America, Murs has been unfortunately ignored stateside. As a top male artist in the United Kingdom, his music should put him up against the Ed Sheeran’s and Shawn Mendes’ we love.

Final say: You won’t stop listening to this. ★★★★★

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