Music: Thankful

Released: April 15, 2003

By: Kelly Clarkson

As the first winner of American Idol, there was a lot riding on Kelly Clarkson’s debut album. While the musical elements may be all over the place, her voice never disappoints.

The Idol executives – mainly Clive Davis – seem undecided about which genre suits Clarkson best. As she proved on the show, R&B is her strong suit, as heard on “The Trouble with Love Is.”

She taps into her powerhouse pop vocals on “Miss Independent,” which is as much of an anthem today as it was 15 years ago.

And perhaps the most underrated song – “You Thought Wrong” – has rock elements. In this, she duets with Idol fourth place finisher Tamyra Gray. Their vocals complement each other as they push each other to their best.

Final say: While a vocal test, it’s a solid debut. ★★★★☆

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