TV: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Season 2

Premiered: October 21, 2016

On: The CW

Starring: Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Santino Fontana, Donna Lynne Champlin, Pete Gardner, Vella Lovell, Gabrielle Ruiz, Eugene Cordero, Amy Hill, David Hull, Erick Lopez, Johnny Ray Meeks, Steve Monrow, Robin Thomas, Rene Gube, Michael McMillan, Burl Moseley, Michael Hyatt, Esther Povitsky, Stephnie Weir, Parvesh Cheena, Brittany Snow, Danny Jolles, Scott Michael Foster & Tovah Feldshuh

The second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend continues with its quirky charms and hilarious antics.

Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) continues on her quest of love with Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III) while dealing with ex-boyfriend Greg (Santino Fontana) and new boss Nathaniel Plimpton III (Scott Michael Foster). Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) deals with her rocky relationship while Darryl (Pete Gardner) starts a new one.

One of the main characters leaves early in the season, which shakes up the dynamic of the cast. However, the promotion of Gabrielle Ruiz to main cast adds fun to the Rachel-Josh-Valencia dynamic.

This season deals with some heavy storylines, especially with Paula. The comedy keeps them light, but they’re continually handled with sensitivity. Unfortunately, the songs aren’t as lasting this season.

Final say: Rachel may be off her rocker, but the show stays its course. ★★★☆☆

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