Theater: Avenue Q

Opened: July 31, 2003

Book by: Jeff Whitty

Music & Lyrics by: Jeff Marx & Robert Lopez

Original Broadway Cast: Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Stephanie D’Abruzzo, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada, Rick Lyon, John Tartaglia, Jodi Eichelberger & Peter Linz

Known as the Sesame Street for adults, Avenue Q is a hilarious and unapologetically offensive musical with puppets that will have audiences in stitches.

When Princeton (John Tartaglia) moves to Avenue Q after finishing college, he meets a host of characters, including teaching assistant Kate Monster (Stephanie D’Abruzzo), roommates Nicky (Rick Lyon) and Rod (also Tartaglia), the reclusive Trekkie Monster (also Lyon) and married couple Brian (Jordan Gelber) and Christmas Eve (Ann Harada). They live in a building managed by superintendent and former child star Gary Coleman (Natalie Venetia Belcon).

The songs in the show are hilarious and bring about themes of growing up, falling in love and understanding yourself and those around you in comical ways. The show is very inclusive of gender, race, religion and sexuality – speaking about each in light terms.

Final say: Leave children at home. 4/5

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