Theater: If/Then

Opened: March 30, 2014

Book & Lyrics by: Brian Yorkey

Music by: Tom Kitt

Original Broadway Cast: Idina Menzel, LaChanze, Anthony Rapp, James Snyder, Jerry Dixon, Jenn Colella, Jason Tam, Tamika Lawrence, Joe Cassidy, Miguel Cervantes, Curtis Holbrook, Stephanie Klemons, Tyler McGee, Ryann Redmond, Joe Aaron Reid, Ann Sanders & Jackie Burns

Ever wonder where your life would be right now if you had made different decisions? This musical explores where decisions take people.

Elizabeth (Idina Menzel) is a 38-year-old divorced urban planner. She meets her friends Kate (LaChanze) and Lucas (Anthony Rapp) in Madison Square Park who offer her two possibilities of what to do. From there, the musical follows the storylines of “Liz” and “Beth.”

At times, the plot line can be a bit confusing with quick switches from “Liz” to “Beth.” But the stories are drastically different, which begs the questions of “What if?” One decision really could make a difference.

Menzel shines in her Broadway return. Her signature voice reaches new heights on ballads like “Always Starting Over” and she’ll bring the house to tears.

Final say: If you choose this show, then you’ll have no regrets. ★★★★☆

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