Theater: School of Rock – National Tour

Opened: September 30, 2017

Book by: Julian Fellowes

Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by: Glenn Slater

Original National Tour Cast: Rob Colletti, Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Matt Bittner, Emily Borromeo, Merritt David Janes, Ava Briglia, Olivia Bucknor, John Campione, Patrick Clanton, Christopher De Angelis, Kristian Espiritu, Melanie Evans, Rayna Farr, Liam Fennecken, Bella Fraker, Chloe Anne Garcia, Kara Haller, Gianna Harris, Carson Hodges, Elysia Jordan, Deidre Lang, Alex Louis, Sinclair Matthew, Theo Mitchell-Penner, Phoenix Schuman, Tim Shea, Theodora Silverman, Gabriella Uhl, Hernando Umana, Aiden Niklas Villa, Gilberto Moretti-Hamilton, James Moss, John Michael Pitera & Tommy Regan

It seemed inevitable that the 2003 Jack Black film would make its stage debut. However, it should have stayed on screen.

Dewey (Rob Colletti) has been kicked out of his band and can’t pay his part of the rent. He’s soon impersonating his friend Ned (Matt Bitner) as a substitute teacher at a prestigious school. Dewey combines his students’ musical talents to compete in Battle of the Bands.

The show isn’t overly entertaining when the kids aren’t onstage, which makes Act I suffer a lot. Fortunately, Act II picks up the pace for the most part.

Saving the show is the extraordinary talent of the younger stars. They all play their own instruments live and bring the measly energy to a high point when on stage.

Final say: Even with the kids, the show isn’t enough to keep adults entertained. ★★☆☆☆

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