Book: Call Me By Your Name

First book of the Call Me By Your Name series

Originally Published: January 23, 2007

By: André Aciman 

While the movie is becoming a critical darling, the book is one of the best things you haven’t read yet.

Elio Perlman recounts the story of when he was 17 and a 24-year-old American, Oliver, spends the summer with family. Quickly, Elio develops strong feelings for Oliver, but doesn’t think Oliver would reciprocate. However, the two soon share a beautiful romance.

At times, Elio’s infatuation turns to obsession, but it doesn’t feel weird because it seems that everyone has had that type of feeling for someone at some point. His recounting is extremely personal and you’ll be entranced by the romance.

The book is definitely explicit sexually. There’s a scene with a peach that’ll leave you speechless, but it’s described incredibly by author André Aciman. He draws you in with every word.

Final say: A beautiful, young affair. ★★★★★

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