Book: Murder on the Orient Express

Originally Published: January 1, 1934

By: Agatha Christie

One would tend to question if this classic winter thriller could hold up against the years that have passed since its publication. The answer is simple: it can.

Of the 17 passengers in the Calais Coach, only 16 live through the journey. Samuel Ratchett is murdered and it is up to Hercule Poirot to determine which of the passengers is the murderer.

Agatha Christie writes with such passion, you can just feel your eyes floating along the page taking in every word. She uses a lot of dialogue and, within that, packs in the detail. The different clues will steer you around, but leads to a jaw-dropping conclusion.

I almost wish there was a bit more past where the story ended, but the murder is solved and Christie determined it was time to move on.

Final say: Quite the thrill. ★★★★☆

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