Theater: A Clockwork Orange

Opened: September 25, 2017

Book by: Anthony Burgess

Original Off-Broadway Cast: Jonno Davies, Sean Patrick Higgins, Matt Doyle, Brian Lee Huynh, Timothy Sekk, Aleksander Varadian, Ashley Robinson, Jimmy Brooks & Misha Osherovich

 I didn’t know anything about A Clockwork Orange going into it. All I had heard from people was that both the book and the movie were different. Well, the play felt the same.

Teenager Alex (Jonno Davies) and his friends cause havoc in future England. When he is caught and arrested, he submits himself to a behavioral modification experiment. Once released to the world again, he becomes the victim he once preyed on.

The entire cast should be praised for their performances. This was an incredibly intense show and everyone except Davies played multiple roles of both genders. However, Davies stands out in a brilliant portrayal that will leave you spellbound.

While the plot line is confusing, the staging is incredible with the juxtaposition of modern and classical music.

Final say: You might not understand it, but see it anyway. ★★★★☆

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