Book: Origin

Originally Published: October 3, 2017

By: Dan Brown

Robert Langdon is back at it again in the fifth book of Dan Brown’s thrilling series.

Langdon’s former student Edmond Kirsch is about to release his greatest scientific discovery, but its implications will be startling to the religious world. After the presentation goes wrong, Langdon and museum director Ambra Vidal are on the run to set everything right.

Brown is incredible with his details and research. He keeps the tension of the storyline going by continually redirecting the point of view just as you’re about to learn something vital.

The big irritation was that the first several chapters focus on this big secret, but you don’t learn it until much later. I was yelling at the book because I just wanted the answer. However, once the secret is revealed, you’ll feel a bit underwhelmed.

Final say: Gripping until the end. ★★★☆☆

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