Theater: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Opened: October 5, 2014

Book by: Simon Stephens & Mark Haddon

Original Broadway Cast: Alex Sharp, Enid Graham, Francesca Fairdany, Ian Barford & Taylor Trensch

 I have never seen a Broadway play quite like this and I don’t think I ever will again. And that speaks to how truly beautiful and unique this show is.

Performed as a play-within-a-play, Siobhan (Francesca Fairdany) retells the story of 15-year-old Christopher Boone (Alex Sharp, who won a Tony for his performance) setting out to find who murdered his neighbor’s dog. Along the way, he finds out some interesting information about his deceased mother (Enid Graham).

Though never specifically mentioned, Christopher is on the autism spectrum, which makes the character so compelling. I didn’t see Sharp in the role, but the actor I did see was magnificent. His story is hard to watch as he goes through so much and doesn’t understand the world like someone on the spectrum would.

Final say: You’ll be in a trance. ★★★★★

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