Theater: She Loves Me – Revival

Opened: March 17, 2016

Book by: Joe Masteroff

Music by: Jerry Bock

Lyrics by: Sheldon Harnick

Broadway Revival Cast: Laura Benanti, Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, Gavin Creel, Byron Jennings, Michael McGrath, Nicholas Barasch & Peter Bartlett

Watch On: BroadwayHD

This story will feel quite familiar as its source material – Miklós László’s Parfumerie – has been adapted several times, most notably as the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie You’ve Got Mail.

Two coworkers (Laura Benanti and Zachary Levi) has quite the explosive relationship in person. However, they both have mysterious pen pals they’re falling in love with over letters. What they don’t realize is that they are each other’s pen pals.

Already knowing the storyline, it was fun to watch a new version of the story. A few of the numbers – “A Romantic Atmosphere,” “Vanilla Ice Cream,” “Try Me,” and “She Loves Me” – outshine the rest. Unfortunately, the jingle that the workers sing when customers enter their shop is rather annoying and happens far too many times.

Final say: A cute, old musical, but not one you need to see. ★★★☆☆

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