TV: Rothaniel

Premiered: April 1, 2022


Starring: Jerrod Carmichael

In an intimate show in New York City, comedian Jerrod Carmichael connects on a deep level with his audience. While he brings in the expected laughs, his unexpected vulnerability takes this special to new heights.

Feeling like his life has always been shrouded in secrets, Carmichael takes a seat centerstage and begins to tell the truth. He rolls through family secrets before divulging into the fact that he’s gay.

With direction by Bo Burnham, the chair brings Carmichael closer to the in-person audience, while the camera shots allow for a profound experience for at-home viewers. In both instances, you can feel Carmichael’s insecurities coming out in his body language.

This is much more than a comedy special. It feels therapeutic and relatable. Adding laughter to pain is what makes the world livable.

Final say: Carmichael should accept the love. ★★★★★

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