TV: Crime Scene – The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Premiered: February 10, 2021

On: Netflix

Featuring: Viveca Chow, Kim Cooper, Josh Dean, Judy Ho, Greg Kading, Santiago Lopez, John Lordan, Tim Marcia, Doug Mungin, Amy Price, Artemis Snow & Jason Tovar

One of the most haunted hotels in the world is the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. And while this documentary series centers around the disappearance of Elisa Lam at that hotel, the latter two episodes spiral into conspiracy theories rather than evidence.

In 2013, Canadian student Elisa Lam traveled on her own to Los Angeles and stayed at the Cecil Hotel. After disappearing on January 31st, police investigated her disappearance for over two weeks ultimately finding her dead in a water tank atop the hotel.

As the history of the hotel is spoken about, it’s easy to understand why many say it’s haunted. The first two episodes are chilling and lead up to the discovery of Lam’s body. However, after that, the plot turns into YouTube conspiracy theories that all become irrelevant.

Final say: Just watch the first half. ★★☆☆☆

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