Book: Darius the Great Deserves Better

Second book of the Darius the Great series

Originally published: August 25, 2020

By: Adib Khorram

A bit of time has passed in Darius’ world since we last saw him, but author Adib Khorram expertly shows the growth Darius has undertaken and the windy path toward his true happiness.

After his family’s trip to Iran, Darius has reconnected with his father, joined his school’s soccer team and got a boyfriend who’s also his coworker at his favorite tea store. However, Darius still has doubts about who he is and what he wants.

There doesn’t seem to be a writer that can portray anxiety and depression as well as Khorram. The book shows how mental illness can be a part of you without taking over your entire personality. Most people would think Darius’ life looks perfect, but it’s great to see him questioning and realizing that good maybe isn’t good enough.

Final say: Deserves better than great. ★★★★★

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