TV: Halston – Season 1

Premiered: May 14, 2021

On: Netflix

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Dayan, David Pittu, Krysta Rodriguez, Bill Pullman, Rory Culkin, James Riordan, Sullivan Jones, Kelly Bishop, Gian Franco Rodriguez, Dilone, Vera Farmiga, James Waterston, Jason Kravits, Jarrod Spector & Mary Beth Peil

Halston is like the designer which it portrays: fashionable and flashy, but problematic.

After designing a pillbox hat for Jackie Kennedy, Halston (Ewan McGregor) becomes the talk of the town. He creates a fashion empire alongside Elsa Peretti (Rebecca Dayan) and Joe Eula (David Pittu), but drugs and alcohol addiction cause it to come crumbling down.

McGregor plays Halston well with what he’s given, but there’s a lack of depth in his personal life that makes you want to see more. From her first scene singing “Liza with a Z,” Krysta Rodriguez is spellbinding as the legendary Liza Minnelli.

There’s no doubt that this show has style – the costumes and sets are gorgeous, but when Halston begins to shut down, so does the story and an emptiness overpowers where emotion should fill the screen.

Final say: The reviews are disappointing. ★★☆☆☆

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