Film: Dinosaur

Opened: May 19, 2000

Directed by: Ralph Zondag & Eric Leighton

Starring: D. B. Sweeney, Alfre Woodard, Ossie Davis, Max Casella, Hayden Panettiere, Samuel E. Wright, Julianna Margulies, Peter Siragusa, Joan Plowright & Della Reese

Disney’s first animated film that’s not a Pixar collaboration to feature all CGI characters, Dinosaur features spectacular animation even if the story feels familiar and weak.

When a meteor crashes and destroys their island, Iguanodon Aladar (D. B. Sweeney) and his adopted family of lemurs end up on the mainland. They run into a herd of dinosaurs trying to reach their Nesting Grounds and must avoid larger predators.

This film pulls a lot of influence from the highly superior The Land Before Time. Though it features a similar storyline, this one seems to be lacking in energy. It’s also very dark for a kid’s film – especially a Disney one – with many deaths and graphic violence.

However, the dinosaurs look fantastic and are superimposed on live-action backgrounds making the style truly stand out.

Final say: Not disastrous but not overly inspiring. ★★★☆☆

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