TV: Lincoln Heights – Season 2

Premiered: September 4, 2007

On: ABC Family

Starring: Russell Hornsby, Nicki Micheaux, Erica Hubbard, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Mishon Ratliff, Michael Reilly Burke, Robert Adamson, Alice Greczyn, Gus Hoffman, William Stanford Davis, Alex Carter, Cory Hardrict, Julie St. Claire, Lisa Renee Pitts, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Sterling Macer Jr., Zachary Isaiah Williams, Michael Warren, Victor Webster, Mallory Low, Tina Lifford, Steven Flynn, Babe Evans, Kimleigh Smith, Patricia De Leon, Juanita Jennings, J.D. Hall, J.J. Boone, Khanya Mkhize & Sinqua Walls

The second season of ABC Family’s well-crafted Lincoln Heights continues to focus on hard-hitting topics that set it apart from other shows on the network.

As a gang war breaks out, police officer Eddie Sutton (Russell Hornsby) does what he can to keep peace in the neighborhood. His wife Jenn (Nicki Micheaux) starts working at a free clinic, while their daughter Cassie (Erica Hubbard) and her boyfriend Charles (Robert Adamson) go through ups and downs in their relationship.

Though the main cast all give strong performances, it’s middle child Lizzie (Rhyon Nicole Brown) who is the most emotionally-gripping character. Still dealing with the aftereffects of her kidnapping in season one, she learns how to deal with death in this season. Brown beautifully portrays the confusion, hurt and sorrow of the teenager.

Final say: Emotionally mature and hard to turn off. ★★★★★

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