Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

First book of the To Kill a Mockingbird series

Originally Published: July 11, 1960

By: Harper Lee

Upon first reading, it’s easy to see why To Kill a Mockingbird is often referred to as the “Great American Novel.” Its dealing with rape and racial inequality – both of which are still prevalent today – are shown from a young girl learning for herself.

When Tom Robinson – a black man – is accused of raping Mayella Ewell – a white woman – his case is instantly thought to be lost. Atticus Finch is appointed as his lawyer and fights hard as his children Scout and Jem watch on.

What’s telling is how Atticus doesn’t push any negative views of people of color to his children and in turn, they treat him like any other man.

Author Harper Lee creates a vibrant view of the 1930s South and keeps humor in her writing while the serious issues unfold.

Final say: A required reading. ★★★★★

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