Music: Unbroken

Released: September 20, 2011

By: Demi Lovato

Though still released solely under Disney’s Hollywood Records label, Demi Lovato’s third album allows her to mature artistically as she experiments with different sounds.

Many of the songs here feel more personal to Lovato. As she recorded this album, she left the tour she was opening for the Jonas Brothers on to seek treatment for her mental issues. “Lightweight” focuses on the intense effect others have on her, while “Skyscraper” is an emotional ballad that allows her to recognize her self-worth and being able to rebuild when someone knocks her down.

Lovato sounds good on the songs that have a bit more of an R&B feel to it like “Who’s That Boy,” but songs like “You’re My Only Shorty” while fun just don’t seem to fit her persona.

Final say: Building a great foundation. ★★★★☆

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