Film: My Friend Dahmer

Opened: November 3, 2017

Directed by: Marc Meyers

Starring: Ross Lynch, Alex Wolff, Vincent Kartheiser, Anne Heche, Tommy Nelson, Harrison Holzer, Miles Robbins & Dallas Roberts

An origin story of sorts looking at the life of a teenage Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch), My Friend Dahmer makes its real-life lead a victim, but becoming a terrifying monster.

Jeffrey is a loner in high school living with his parents Joyce (Anne Heche) and Lionel (Dallas Roberts). While he’s befriended by Derf (Alex Wolff) after some public joke spasms, he maintains interest in the dead.

Lynch is haunting in the lead role. Maybe because he came from the Disney Channel, there’s a small likability in him that makes you empathetic towards him. But as he continues to have fantasies and spirals deeper into himself, you’ll feel discomforted.

There’s a lot to question about mental illness and bullying in a teen’s life. No one is there to help him and his isolation is disturbing.

Final say: Makes your skin crawl. ★★★★☆

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