Theater: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

Opened: November 17, 2013

Book by: Robert L. Freedman

Music by: Steven Lutvak

Lyrics by: Robert L. Freedman & Steven Lutvak

Original Broadway Cast: Jefferson Mays, Bryce Pinkham, Lisa O’Hare, Lauren Worsham, Jane Carr, Joanna Glushak, Eddie Korbich, Jeff Kready, Jennifer Smith, Price Waldman & Catherine Walker

With a wild premise and even crazier performance by the perfect Jefferson Mays, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is a show you won’t soon forget.

When Monty Navarro (Bryce Pinkham) finds out he is ninth in line to inherit the earldom of Highurst, he reaches out to the D’Ysquith family (all played by Mays) to take his place in line. Monty shortly devises a plan to murder all those in line before him so he can become earl.

Mays plays all nine members of the D’Ysquith family and creates distinct characters for each. His costume changes are fantastic. He and Pinkahm complement each other well, especially during the song “Poison in My Pocket.”

The trio song “I’ve Decided to Marry You” is perfectly staged and gives Pinkham a great comedic performance.

Final say: Madness from start to finish. ★★★★☆

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