Theater: The Lightning Thief – National Tour

Opened: January 4, 2019

Book by: Joe Tracz

Music & Lyrics by: Rob Rokicki

Original National Tour Cast: Chris McCarrell, Jorrel Javier, Ryan Knowles, Sarah Beth Pfeifer, James Hayden Rodriguez, Jalynn Steele & Kristin Stokes

Based on Rick Riordan’s 2005 novel, The Lightning Thief is an exciting adventure for theatergoers that blends mythology with catchy musical numbers.

When Percy Jackson (Chris McCarrell) finds out that he is a half-blood (or demigod) and the son of Poseidon (Ryan Knowles), he is sent on a quest to find the lightning bolt stolen from Zeus with his satyr protector Grover (Jorrel Javier) and Athena’s daughter Annabeth (Kristin Stokes).

There’s a lot of heart in this musical. It’s evident from the start that the half-bloods are trying to figure out their place in the world. Grover’s song “The Tree on the Hill” about a moment in his past he regrets is the most beautiful moments of the show.

The lighting design may blind you, but that’s the only flaw in this show.

Final say: Bring on the monsters. ★★★★★

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