Theater: Ann

Opened: March 7, 2013

Book by: Holland Taylor

Original Broadway Cast: Holland Taylor & Julie White

With spunk and a sense of self-humor that will keep you laughing with delight, Holland Taylor shines in her self-written show about former Texas Governor Ann Richards.

The show starts out with Ann (Taylor) giving a commencement address and telling the story of her life but moves into her working in her office sparring off with family, friends and coworkers including her never-seen secretary Nancy Kohler (Julie White).

With her performance, Taylor reminds us of what a pioneer Richards was. As governor in the early 1990s, Richards was fighting for women’s rights, inclusion, gun control and more, which are still fights we are continuing today. Each time she gives her view, the audience cheers her on.

Richards is quite the spit-fire and let her political allies and opponents know she won’t back down.

Final say: A superb performance. ★★★★☆

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