Theater: Anastasia – National Tour

Opened: October 12, 2018

Book by: Terrence McNally

Music by: Stephen Flaherty

Lyrics by: Lynn Aherns

National Tour Cast: Lila Coogan, Stephen Brower, Jason Michael Evans, Joy Franz, Tari Kelly, Edward Staudenmayer, Ronnie S. Bowman Jr., Kristen Smith Davis, Ashlee Dupré, Alison Ewing, Peter Garza, Jeremiah Ginn, Brett-Marco Glauser, Lucy Horton, Mary Illes, Fred Inkley, Kourtney Keitt, Beth Stafford Laird, Mark MacKillop, Kenneth Michael Murray, Delilah Rose Pellow, Taylor Quick, Michael McCorry Rose, Mat Rosell, Sareen Tchekmedyian & Addison Mackynzie Valentino

While the Broadway production was not a great adaptation of the animated film, changes on the national tour could’ve made all the difference. However, these changes weren’t made and this production was worse than Broadway.

When the Romanov family was overthrown in St. Petersburg, Russia, there was a rumor that Anastasia might have survived. Demetri (Stephen Brower) and Vlad (Edward Staudenmayer) search for the right person to present to the Dowager Empress (Joy Franz) and find Anya (Lila Coogan).

While the show itself is boring, good performances could make it more enjoyable. Unfortunately, while Coogan sang beautifully, her acting when she spoke was terrible and stilted. It was almost painful to watch. Tari Kelly as Countess Lily steals the show with her comedic timing, but doesn’t come in until Act II.

Final say: Not worth watching. ★☆☆☆☆

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