Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Originally Published: June 21, 2003

By: J.K. Rowling

While Voldemort has finally returned, this novel introduces us to a possibly worse villain: Dolores Umbridge.

Though the government denies the return of Voldemort, the Order of the Phoenix – a group of wizards who fought against the Dark Lord – revives and prepares for battle. Dumbledore keeps Harry in the dark. In order to undermine Dumbledore, the Ministry of Magic implements Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Just thinking of Umbridge makes my skin crawl. She is brilliantly written by author J.K. Rowling and brings a new meaning to evil. The best moments are when she has her face-offs with Professor McGonagall.

The final third produces an intense battle. We are also introduced to another great villain, Bellatrix Lestrange, who causes one of the worst losses yet.

Final say: A powerful look at evils of the world. ★★★★☆

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