Theater: Sister Act – UK Tour

Opened: August 11, 2016

Book by: Bill Steinkellner & Cheri Steinkellner

Music by: Alan Menken

Lyrics by: Glenn Slater

UK Tour Cast: Alexandra Burke, Joanna Francis, Jon Robyns, Rosemary Ashe, Karen Mann, Aaron Lee Lambert, Sarah Goggin, Susannah Van Den Berg, Tim Maxwell-Clarke, Allison Harding, Ricky Rojas, Samuel Morgan-Grahame, Sandy Gigelis, Aiesha Pease, Justin Wilman, Sally Peerless, Jennifer Douglas, Joel Vetch & Nicola Bryan

Based on the hit 1992 Whoopi Goldberg film of the same name, Sister Act tries to bring the fun, but fails to compare to its predecessor.

When nightclub singer Deloris Van Cartier (Alexandra Burke) witnesses her gangster boyfriend Curtis (Aaron Lee Lambert) and his crew murder someone, she is thrust into the witness protection program where she becomes a nun living under the rules of Mother Superior (Karen Mann).

Burke – a The X Factor winner – has incredible vocals throughout the show, but does not have the acting chops to match. Many of her jokes don’t hit the right comedic timing and fall flat.

Much of the show fails to impress with the three most memorable songs happening within the first act. Unfortunately, the music and lyrics just don’t contain the same humor as the film.

Final say: Not quite fabulous. ★★☆☆☆

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