Book: Thirteen Reasons Why

Originally Published: October 18, 2007

By: Jay Asher

A favorite among young adult readers, Thirteen Reasons Why is a journey for everyone and can affect you differently every time you read it.

Clay Jensen receives thirteen tapes, which turn out to be Hannah Baker’s reasons for committing suicide recorded by the girl shortly before her death. Over the course of a night, he learns things he never wanted to know about people at his school. And, he finds out how he was involved in the death of a girl whom he loved.

Reading this for the first time is haunting. Though it’s told through Clay’s point of view, most of the story is through Hannah’s voice. There’ll be times that you hope that she can find the light in her life, but remember that she’s already dead.

Final say: Completely honest making it quite the conversation starter. ★★★★★

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