Theater: The Last Five Years – Revival

Opened: April 2, 2013

Book, Music & Lyrics by: Jason Robert Brown

Revival Cast: Adam Kantor & Betsy Wolfe

Proving that both people in a relationship experience a range of ups and downs, The Last Five Years is a musical experience you won’t forget.

Jamie (Adam Kantor) is a novelist whose career is taking off and Cathy (Betsy Wolfe) is a struggling actress who just can’t catch a break. Jamie’s story goes in chronological order from meeting Cathy to marrying her to the crumbling of their marriage, while Cathy’s story starts at the end and goes in reverse.

Because of the way the story flows, the two actors are almost never onstage together. They meet in the middle at their wedding. So you ride Jamie’s happiness and sympathize with Cathy’s heartbreak and then have role reversals halfway through.

The songs are dynamic and the actors give their all, which keeps your attention the entire time.

Final say: Beautifully tragic. ★★★★☆

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