Theater: Holiday Inn – The New Irving Berlin Musical

Opened: October 6, 2016

Book by: Gordon Greenberg & Chad Hodge

Music & Lyrics by: Irving Berlin

Original Broadway Cast: Bryce Pinkham, Lora Lee Gayer, Megan Lawrence, Megan Sikora, Corbin Bleu, Lee Wilkof, Malik Akil, Will Burton, Darien Crago, Morgan Gao, Matt Meigs, Shina Ann Morris, Drew Redington, Catherine Ricafort, Amanda Rose, Jonalyn Saxer, Samantha Sturm, Amy Van Norstrand, Travis Ward-Osborne, Paige Williams, Victor Wisehart, Kevin Worley & Borris York

If you are looking for nostalgia of 1940s and 1950s musicals, this is the show for you.

Jim Hardy (Bryce Pinkham) leaves his song and dance act behind to start a quiet life in Connecticut. After meeting the former owner of the farm he’s living in, he realizes his life needs a bit of song and dance in it. But, will starting a new show mean losing his new love, Linda (Lora Lee Gayer), to his best friend Ted (Corbin Bleu)?

There’s not a lot of substance to the plot of this musical. But, this is more about entertaining than storyline.

With that being said, the singing and dancing is incredibly entertaining. There are numerous tap numbers that are all perfected and you’ll love the joy radiating from Bleu as he dances.

Final say: Very light, but very entertaining. ★★★☆☆

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