Music: Glory Days

Released: November 18, 2016

By Little Mix 

Little Mix deserves so much more popularity than what they get in America. They are easily the best girl group right now, not just in songs but also in vocals.

However, the majority of their American popularity came from Perrie Edwards’ engagement to One Direction’s Zayn Malik. While they may have broken up, Edwards thanks him in the lead single, “Shout Out To My Ex” – an incredible “I’m better without you” anthem.

Yet, that’s really the whole album. Song after song is a jam with lots of self-love in the lyrics. The girls’ harmonies are incredible, so sweet when needed but full of incredible power as well.

Their previous album might flow better, but every song here is a new experience.

Final say: America needs to be on the same page with Little Mix as the UK is. ★★★★★

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