Theater: Love Letters

Opened: March 27, 1989

Book by: A. R. Gurney

Original Broadway Cast: Colleen Dewhurst & Jason Robards

This show makes me wish we still wrote to people. Not through text message, but by sending actual pieces of mail.

Love Letters follows the story of Melissa and Andrew from beginning to end. The two friends stay in contact for over 50 years through notes and letters.

The show is very simple. Two actors sit at a table onstage and read directly from a script, so there is very little rehearsal time and no memorization. This sounds like it would be boring, but there is something so refreshing about it – as long as you sit close enough to see their facial expressions.

Countless pairings have played the leads, including Alan Alda & Candice Bergen, Carol Burnett & Brian Dennehy and Anjelica Houston & Martin Sheen.

Final say: This story is so personal, you’ll be hooked. ★★★★☆

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